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Free AutoCAD Tutorial and Very Funny Video

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Here is the best link:

1. Free AutoCAD Tutorials

2. Very funny video from YouTube Collection

I take a long time surfing and searching the free and complete online AutoCAD tutorial. Majority of web site say " Free AutoCAD tutorial " but after I open the web site, I found only few chapter free but the other you should pay or buy.

So I try to solve this problem and try help the other people want learn... but no have enough money to buy. So I collect all free AutoCAD video tutorial in this planet and publish at my site and you don't pay to me.... because all free.

I alway try find out complete AutoCAD video tutorial and the important thing it is totally free, so it will help student, lecturer and all of you to study and learn the AutoCAD software.

If you want off line tutorial you can do by your self using free streaming Video Tool.

This web site consists of the collection only totally free video tutorial online training for AutoCAD. This web site consist of the collection of free AutoCAD 2006, AutoCAD 2008, AutoCAD 2009, AutoCAD 2008 LT and others video tutorials online. This web site also consists of complete download AutoCAD lecturer note and student note.

The lessons contained on these pages will helped people learn AutoCAD - such as student, lecturer at schools, universities, tech colleges and around the world.

So this is one stop center for Learn AutoCAD with free, no fee, feel free and freedom- Free AutoCAD Tutorials

If you AutoCAD lecturer / teacher:

Let give this web site address to your student. This tutorial inside web site will teach your student... how many time they need and repeat any tutorial until their are tire. No reason if they are say not clear lesson because their can increase volume control if not clear sound :).

Important Note:

1. If you have any good link, let me know, I will put your suggest link inside my web site and put your name under that link as a honor. I alway appreciate with your support and don't forget come to my website again

2. Your internet bandwidth speed must more then 300 kbs for better viewing video tutorials.

Our Mission

So this is one stop center for Learn AutoCAD with free, no fee, feel free and freedom- Free AutoCAD Tutorials


Organization News

Latest New-Coming Soon, I will create my own AutoCAD Tutorial and give it free to all of you. My tutorials is difference than tutorial in this planet. My tutorial is 2 way learning experience. The demo video will show you step by step using AutoCAD and then after demo you can try by your self with guide by computer. It is look like video game and easy to learn AutoCAD. My tutorial under development and it will finish soon. My due date is at the end of September 2008. My web site also consists of very funny video collection it is real only funny video.